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Projects invest for Dong Van Plateau

Dong Van Plateau in Ha Giang Province will receive substantial investment from the State with a number of projects involved in infrastructure upgrade and tourism development until 2020.

Dong Van Plateau covers more than 2,300 square kilometers, stretching across four rocky upland districts of Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh and Quan Ba.

According to a Government decision approving the plan for preservation, restoration and promotion of Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark signed by Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan on February 7, three theme parks and four tourism sites will be built in Dong Van.

To protect the geopark, seen as a natural museum of geology, biology and indigenous culture, theme parks and in particular heritage types with scientific, educational and cultural significance will be developed. They include a geo-scientific park in Meo Vac District, a geo-ecological park covering Yen Minh District and Quan Ba District and a geo-cultural park.

In addition, to exploit the heritage values of the Dong Van Plateau, four tourism centers will be developed – Dong Van tourism from Vietnam travel agency, cultural and historical center in Dong Van Town, Meo Vac Border Gate tourism, science, adventure and trade center in Meo Vac Town, Yen Minh green urban eco-tourism center in Yen Minh Town and Quan Ba tourism and entertainment center in Quan Ba Town.

For the tourism centers to operate efficiently, the Government will upgrade traffic infrastructure and clean water supply system, and restore and develop trade villages.

The decision does not specify total investment. It only mentions the implementation period, from 2012 to 2020, and that the majority of funds will come from the State budget.

Vung Ro Bay – Phu Yen Draws Tourists’ Attention

If tourists are in a north-south journey and reach Ca Pass in Phu Yen, you should not miss to visit the province’s famous beautiful bay  – tourist destination that is Vung Ro. Visiting the Bay, tourists will be attracted by stunning combination of forest and sea.

Vung Ro Bay comprises 1640 hectares of water surface, and is surrounded by high mountain ranges of Deo Ca, Da Bia, Hon Ba on the north, west and east. The Bay features 12 small beaches namely Lach, Mu U, Nga, Chua, Chan Trau, Ho, Hang, Nho, Chinh, Bang, Lau Nhan beaches with fascinating landscape, which is ideal for sightseeing, relaxation or enjoying delicious seafood.

Vung Ro Bay- Phu Yen Drawing Tourists’ Attention in Vietnam Travel

Vung Ro had formerly been attached with the Numberless ships, which were once the heroes during the Vietnam War. Vung Ro was considered one among significant stops of the Ho Chi Minh road on sea, accepting hundred tons of weapons transported by the numberless ships from northern Vietnam to the southern battle field from 1964 – 1965.

Currently, Vung Ro’s wharf attends to the development of Phu Yen’s socio-economy. Besides, there are roads connecting Vung Ro to Hoa Hiep industrial zone, Tuy Hoa airport, and Tuy Hoa city.

Vung Ro has been recognized as a national historical relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism. The Bay promises to become an ideal stopover for tourists in Vietnam travel when traveling to Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen.

Vung Ro Bay- Phu Yen Drawing Tourists’ Attention in Vietnam Travel

If you are in Vietnam tourism, and in Phu Yen now, you once pay a visit to Vung Ro Bay where you can hide away from the bustle and hard- working days.

Mong Cai – Eastern pole of Vietnam

Mong Cai is not only favored with many beauty spots and historical relics, but also rich in culture.

Mong Cai Town lies by the bank of the beautiful Ka Long river. It harbors the international Bac Luan Border Gate which connects Mong Cai with Guang Xi in China. Mong Cai Border Gate Market is where economic and trade activities and cultural exchanges between Quang Ninh Province and Guang Xi Provinceand Vietnam and China take place. It is also the bridge spanning tourist centres of Vietnam and China.


By road:

Mong Cai is 135 km from Halong, 360km from Hanoi. There are regular buses to/from Hanoi, many buses connect Mong Cai to Hon Gai every day. There are also regular buses from Mong Cai to many provinces such as Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, etc. Tourists can transfer to Mong Cai by buses and by hydrofoils.

From Bac Luan International Border Gate (Mong Cai), go along the road No. 4B through Hai Ha, Dam Ha, and Tien Yen; then continue to road No. 18A through Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Halong.

By boat:

There are daily high-speed hydrofoils which depart from Dan Tien pier and Mui Ngoc (Mong Cai) to Bai Chay and Hon Gai pier. Besides, you can also travel by ship which departs from Dan Tien pier to Hon Gai pier.

Mong Cai is not only favored with many beauty spots and historical relics, but also rich in culture. It is included in the eco-tourism complex of Halong – Cat ba – Tra Co.

Tra Co area 

Tra Co is a well-known beach, which have recently attracted a large number of tourists as well as national park. . It has a cool and fresh climate and a tranquil and spacious atmosphere. Thousands of tourists come to Tra Co every year to bath. Not far from the beach are located 3-4 metres high sand dunes, peaceful fishermen’ villages, verdant pine trees, and a rich mangrove ecosystem.

The famous cultural historical sites are mainly located in Tra Co area such as Tra Co communal house, Tra Co church, Linh Khanh pagoda, Xuan Lan pagoda. Tra Co beach with 17 km long is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Tra Co Communal House Festival takes place from the 30th of the fifth lunar month to the 6th of the sixth lunar month attracting a crowd of pilgrims from home and abroad.

 Mong Cai Border Market

The market is comprised of three zones; all situated in Hoa Lac Ward, 1 km from the Bac Luan border crossing. There are thousands of households here, almost all of which are bilingual in Chinese and Vietnamese.

Goods traded in the market and exchanged across the border are varied. Chinese goods imported into Vietnam include: speciality fabrics, ready-made dresses, mosquito nets, shoes, sandals, electronics, toys, candies and fruit. Vietnamese goods exported to China are mainly seafood products and agricultural foodstuffs such as tea, coffee and sesame.Also in the market are traditional northern medicinal ingredient stalls, with Chinese physicians feeling your pulse and writing out prescriptions for the correct medicine.

The Mong Cai Border Market has developed not only into a trade centre for the exchange of goods, but also a place for cultural meetings and exchange between China and Vietnam. Mong Cai is a place of direct trade and economic and cultural exchange between the provinces of Quang Ninh and  Guang Xi.

After shopping, tourists can enjoy Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. Many famous Chinese restaurants offer dishes and wines from famous Mao Dai wine to normal wines, Chinese specialities: Beijing roasted duck, cay te soya cheese.

With great tourism potential and rich cultural value, Mong Cai is an ideal place for relaxation, shopping and cultural experiences.

Eo Gio captures beauty of Quy Nhon

Coming to Quy Nhon, visiting Eo Gio to hear the wind whispering through mountain walls, caves and then harmonize with waves crashing onto the shore is a must.

You can also admire rock cliffs shaped like they are trying to hold the ocean and to view a rookery of albatrosses hovering in the sky.

Eo Gio is an arc-shaped strait in Hung Luong Hamlet, Nhon Ly peninsula commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam. People call it Eo Gio (Wind’s waist) as seen from above, Eo Gio looks like a funnel with two rock ranges holding a sea corner.

In the past, it wasn’t easy for visitors coming to Eo Gio as they needed to take a motorbike to Ham Tu Wharf then cross over to Thi Nai Lagoon for the numerous deserted sand dunes. However, now tourists just make a 20-kilometer motorbike trip over Thi Nai Bridge to Nhon Ly Commune.

The route to Eo Gio is also stunning and primitive. On the bridge, tourists can take a panoramic view of Thi Nai Lagoon and the peaceful Quy Nhon City. Along the street are deserted white sand dunes which are littered with polar tree lines.

Eo Gio is beautiful in its own way with its rock cliffs in varied shapes running to the sea. The mountain holds the sea, the sea plays around the mountain, waves crash onto the shore with the sound of love songs, in the distance studded with boats and birds twittering on the sky. Seen from above, Eo Gio looks very attractive, wild and primitive.

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Khai Long beach in Ca Mau

Khai Long beach is about 18km from Ca Mau cape. This is a curling sand bank along the sea shore of Khai Long ward, Mui Dat commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province with the area of 230ha and 3800m long of sea shore. Being favored by nature, there is a group of island with the wild beauty and the yellow sand banks.

Khai Long beach

Khai Long beach

Coming to Khai Long, visitors would listen to the long legend with the people from Central Vietnam coming to expand the land. When they stopped here, there was a light from the sky like the dragon shape. They supposed that is a good omen and they decided to settle down. The name Khai Long was also put to this area.

Coming to Khai Long, you could visit the floating market – typical culture of the water land. Right in the other side of the canal, visitor could enjoy a dish of specialty like boiled crab, hot pot of sour fish, etc.

From Ca Mau city, it takes one and a half hour on canoe; you could enjoy the landscape of sea and forest with the famous delicious fruit. Beside the nature beauty, visitors could enjoy the festivals of this area. In April, there is festival of Ca Duong, Ba Khia and lantern night, etc.

After freeing to enjoy the sea, you could also taste the sea foods like oyster, shrimp, crab, ba khia, etc.

In order to satisfy the demand of visiting and recreation of visitors, many tourist areas are newly built with the system of restaurant and services. A new urban area is coming to town. You could choose the route of Dat Mui – Khai Long – Hon Khoai in the hydrofoil, and then you could witness the plentiful creature world in the sea bottom.

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Ham Ho – Flying fish waterfall in Binh Dinh

Binh Dinh is the land of full sunshine, wind and the briny taste of sea; and it makes a strong impression on tourists even for hard-to-pleasure people by many charming and fascinating landscapes.

One of the attractive destinations that visitors shouldn’t miss coming here is Ham Ho. At the distance of more than 50 kilometers Northwest of Quy Nhon city, Ham Ho is a downstream part of Kut River in Tay Son, Binh Dinh province that is associated with the special legend. It was told that Kon River and Kut River’s lower section was in a terrible drought thousands of years ago.

In a drought year when people wanted rain, it is unique phenomenon that there were many strange sounds like people screaming and praying for rain at the bend of river. Perhaps, witnessing that disaster and listening to that pray of locals, Rain God created the two river’s lower section to save people here. Hence, this region is called Ham Ho or “ Yelling Cellar”.

This part of Kut River is about 1 kilometer, however, just needing to go by boat about over half a kilometer on the way leading to inner to lake area, tourist’s tiredness will seem to disappear thank to its beautiful natural beauty with lush green all year long together with cool streaming water. Tourists can experience mountain views, abundant birdlife, fragrant wild flowers, unusual trees and plants.

Specifically, along the riverside are a dense forest mixed with high cliffs, dotted by a number of marble outcrops with varied strange shapes.  It is said that the more tourists get deep into, the more interesting scenery is. With the depth of 30 meters, the bed of river is full of gleaming and bright granite stones like millions of diamonds in the green and clear water. There are many particular stones places, each of which is attached to the meaningful story such as Jar of Wine, Footprint of Giants, and Fairy Chess Board…

Ham Ho is also well known by not only a considerable number but also a variety of fish, especially in the flood season. It is told that Water King (the God that governs lakes, rivers and the ocean) holds a waterfall crossing examination for fishes in Ham Ho at this time of a year. The fishes that pass this contest will turn into dragon.  Hence, Ham Ho waterfall is also called Vu Mon or Flying Fish waterfall.

 In the rainy season (April-October), the forests at Ham Ho turn into a green carpet dotted with splendid flowers and in the dry season (November-March), the river water is pure and the air is cold. One of the most interesting times to visit is when the Loc Vung ornamental trees (lecythidales) come into flower.

The nature here creates a lively and fanciful drawing that makes Ham Ho become an ideal place for tourist to relax. Tourists can go boating and fishing, walk in the forest, swim or just relax in one of the stilt houses on the banks of the river. Adventurers can kayak on the river, or take a ride in a small canoe with two local guides dressed in ancient soldier’s costumes.

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Eakar Lake – The rhythm of cloud and water

Eakar Lake has become the popular destination for all tourists thank of its charming beauty

Located in Eakar town of Dak Lak province, Eakar Lake is one of the most beautiful destinations where originates the rhythm of cloud and water. Truly so, Eakar is deeply impressed by not only the beauty of immense hills of wilding flowers and glasses but also the charming melody of rivers, lakes and cloudy sky. Coming here, tourists can contemplate the peaceful and tranquil beauty of a vast expanse of water on this immense highland of Dak Lak. Thus, it is not amazing that Eakar has become the endless inspiration and unforgettable memories for anyone who coming here even once.

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Pine forest of Ban Ang – the beautiful natural landscape of Northwest mountain forests

Located in Dong Sang town, Ban Ang is one of the wonderful eco-tourism resorts of Moc Chau that is deeply impressed by the poetic and charming beauty of pine forest.

When being seen from above, Ban Ang appears with the traditional stilt houses nestled in the pristine natural landscapes of the Northwest mountain forests. Coming to an ideal eco-tourism resort of Ban Ang, it is strongly believed that tourists will be made strong impression by the tranquil beauty of 2 natural lakes with the flow from east to west being adjacent to the immense forest of pine with the area of 43 hectares. The pine forest here consists of 2 kinds such as local and Da Lat pine stretching on the hill ranges of red-brown feralit soil that makes this mountainous town into the fantastic natural landscape. Thus, beside Da Lat highland, it is true to consider Ban Ang as the second land of pine forest perhaps.

Reflecting the weather of 4 seasons in only a day is the one of the most special features of this land. Maybe, the climate of Moc Chau Plateau itself creates the illusory and sparkling look for the pine forest and natural lakes of Ban Ang. In the early morning, the quiet natural lakes are covered by thin mist. At noon, the pine forest is fully immersed in the brilliant sunshine that is as in summer weather. And the evening dew together with cool weather covers fully the mountain forests that makes tourists wonder if the winter would come. Maybe, the most beautiful scene is in the moonlit night when the shadow of pine is reflected in the lake surface and the leaves of pine sing in the wind, which is echoing somewhere and especially looks like the flute calling partner of the ethnic boys.

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